About Us

Don’t fall into the trap that all real estate agents are the same.  So many people believe that they should hire a family member who has their real estate license or local agents just because they know them, and they’re from the area.  Now does it sound like a good idea to put your one single largest investment in the hands of someone just because you’re friends with them, or they have an office nearby?  We don’t think so.  Buyers and Sellers should treat this process as a business transaction, and hire the most qualified company.

When a person chooses a real estate agent to work with, they should be confident that their agent has the proper tools and knowledge to represent them properly.  Buying AND Selling agents need the expierience, and training to be able to notice market trends, plus recognize the way contracts are written so appropriate offers, and counter offers can be negotiated.  There are ways agents can write offers to benefit their clients in so many more ways than just price.

MLS and the Internet Exposure (Photos) We at Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers cringe when we see new listings hit MLS without proper preparations or good photos.  We know that agents and buyers are skipping right over them while searching online.

  • We at Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers spend considerable time taking pictures.  We then sort through these photos and select ones with the most light, the best angles, sharpest contrast & color.
  • Photos are then cropped, edited, and resized to accentuate positive attributes.

Marketing Materials and Signage Lots of mom ‘n’ pop operations and discount brokerages don’t spend money on professional signs because they don’t believe in it or they can’t afford it.  Good signage is free advertising.  Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers believes in using only the highest quality materials for our signage.  All of our signage is HIGH INTENSITY REFLECTIVE.  This is one way for your property to get 24 hour exposure to vehicles driving by.  These signs grab your attention and practically force you to look at them instead of passing them by.  Too often buyers drive by a property at night that has non-reflective signage.  Buyers may not even notice that they just drove past their dream house that just hit the market!  So Remember, with us you will have 24 hour exposure to all traffic.

Our Philosophy at Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers.

Buying and selling a home represents the most significant financial decision most people will ever make during their lifetime.  From a person’s first home, which often establishes the foundation for future home purchases, to the home where they’ll spend their senior years.  There are definite pitfalls to avoid, and suggested steps to take while trying to make all the right decisions.

While talking to real estate agents, ask them what are the main things that set them apart from other agents?  What’s so unique about their strategy?  Is it that each of them have great service, lots of integrity, they’re honest and committed?  Do those words really mean anything?  These words have no distinct benefits to buyers and sellers unless they’re backed up by results.  Isn’t that what we all really want?  We all want benefits, and results.  Plus we all want to know how those will be achieved!  So ask!

We at Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers look forward to serving our customers and clients as honest, creative, and aggressive agents. You deserve the best service available, and that is exactly what we will provide for you.  Through determination, aggressive research, state-of-the-art marketing strategies, and 100% follow-through, you can be assured that you will get the results you are looking for.

All agents on the Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers team are trained to look at the buying and selling process as if they’re managing their client’s investments, family, and future.  We won’t treat it as just another transaction.  We won’t treat you as a faceless stranger and try and make a quick sale.  What we will do is treat every transaction as if it were our own.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact us anytime.  We look forward to working with you soon!

       Phone:  1-608-Real Estate (1-608-732-5378)         Email:  info@WiBrokers.com