Because Sick Kids Can’t Wait

Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers – A Proud Sponsor Of UW American Family Childrens Hospital 

More beds and treatment spaces are needed to care for the growing number of ill babies and children we see at American Family Children’s Hospital. The “Sick Kids Can’t Wait” campaign was launched to raise the funds needed to provide 26 more pediatric critical care beds, new operating room equipment, and pediatric treatment spaces for children requiring advanced procedures.

Your donations will not only go for hospital equipment, treatment, and staff, but for other items such as toys, surprises, and to families that have spent every last penny trying to keep their children alive.  Please take 3 minutes out of your day and watch the videos below.  Then click the link above or the link below the videos for more information on how Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers is involved.  If us adults don’t help these sick children, who will.  Afterall, what’s more rewarding than putting a smile on a child’s face who might not have too many smiles left.

Who Else Believes Sick Kids Can’t Wait?